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  • Wizzo Features
  • compact_icn
    Compact Design
  • rewiring_icn
    No Need of Any Rewiring
  • wifi_icn
    Wi-fi Controlled
  • installation_icn
    Easy Installation
  • control_icn
    Control from Anywhere
Wizzo In Details

Key Features

Wizzo devices are small, compact and Wi-Fi based which goes behind your existing switchboards making your ordinary home a smart home. Our unique dual feedback gives you freedom to operate your lights and fans with your normal switches along with our mobile application and Alexa, Don’t worry if you left your Fan, Lights or AC ON by mistake while leaving your home, with Wizzo you can turn them OFF remotely from anywhere in the world resulting in saving of Electricity
  • schedule_icn Smart Schedular
  • user_icn Multi User Compatibility
  • value_icnValue For Money
  • switch_icnExisting Switches Remain Functional
Wizzo is Smarter

How it helps


Your Home at Your Fingertips

Take control of your devices and appliances on your mobile while keeping the existing switches working.


Schedule & Save Energy

Use our cloud based smart scheduler to schedule your devices to reduce power consumption.


One App For Your Entire Family

With features like multi user, now everyone in your family can control the devices with your permission

Wizzo tech specs


Input Voltage   :
Output Voltage   :
Power Consumption   :
1.5 W
Connectivity   :
802.11.b/g/n WiFi
Max Load per node   :
200VA Resistive Load at 230VAC input
150VA Inductive Load at 230VAC input
Wizzo About Us

The Company

we aim to Transform every home into smart home

Wizzo was founded with a aim of bringing the concept of smart home from the elite few to one and all in India. With our team of experts we strive hard to bring world class and innovative products along with simple and easy to use applications with a aim to make your life easy and convenient.

At Wizzo we are strong believers in MAKE IN INDIA campaign and hence all the products we make are proudly designed, developed and manufactured in INDIA

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Wizzo + Alexa Sit back and voice control your appliances with the combination of Wizzo Products And Alexa
Wizzo FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to Download Wizzo 4S Manual

While configuring Wizzo at the End we get “Something Went Wrong “This issue takes place if there is an issue either with internet or connectivity.

  1. Please check your internet connectivity and speed. 
  2. Please make sure there is enough Wi-Fi range where the Wizzo device is installed.
  3. If Problem persists try some other network with good connectivity and then use Reconfiguration option and connect it with your Network. (But if there is a genuine connectivity issue the device will not perform correctly).


Reconfiguring Wizzo4S? 

  1. In case you have a new internet connection or changed the SSID and Password of your Router, You will need to reconfigure Wizzo 4S.
  2. Toggle (on/off) the power button that is S0 marked in connection diagram 5 times with interval of about 1 second between the toggles.
  3. Once done keep the S0 in On state and see if you get Wizzo XX:XX:XX:XX in Wi-Fi of your phone.
  4. If you get it then your Wizzo 4S is ready for Reconfiguration, If not repeat 5 times toggle step.
  5. Go to the menu of Wizzo App and click on the reconfiguration mode(Please make sure that your Phone Mobile Data is turned Off)
  6.  Make sure your Wi-Fi has good internet connectivity.
  7. Enter the details of your Wi-Fi and proceed.
  8. You will get Wizzo XX:XX:XX:XXin the app click on it and let the app do its work.
  9. Once the Reconfiguration is done you will be taken back to home page, and Wizzo 4S will be operational.


While configuring or Reconfiguring Wizzo I don’t see my Wi-Fi network in dropdown list?

  1. Please turn off your Mobile data while doing Configuration and Reconfigurations modes
  2. Make sure your Location is On Android 10 asks for Location while working with Wi-Fi devices


Alexa not discovering the devices gives message to try again.

  1. Make sure that the Email Id provided in Wizzo Profile is the same as that of Alexa Account, Check for spaces etc while entering the email ID in Wizzo App –My Profile Settings.
  2. Check in the devices section that your switches from Wizzo are visible, Sometimes Alexa App may say try again but devices will be present.
  3. Use them via Alexa interface to set them up for the first time, later on try giving Voice commands.

We get Error in the App “Connection Failed!! Verify Devices are Powered On and Connected to Internet”

  1. Make sure your Devices are getting the Electric power; sometimes they may not get power.
  2. May be there is a connectivity issue, In this case try switching Off the Power to device and Switch it On again, the problem should go and device will establish the connectivity.


Can Wizzo work if there is no Internet at Home?

  1. Yes we have given a Mode called as Home Mode which can be used in case you are in the Wi-Fi zone of your Home but no Internet connection to Wi-Fi
  2. You need to Connect to Wi-Fi turn OFF Mobile data Go to Settings and click on “Switch to Home Mode” 
  3. After that click on “Sync with Router” now you will be able to operate the Wizzo device
  4. Please make sure to Turn Off “Home Mode” once Internet is Back by clicking on “Switch to Internet Mode” in Settings.

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